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Organizational Profile

Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is comprised of regional physicians and community leaders dedicated to patient-centered research upholding new precedents in healthcare. IORI was launched in 2017 with clinical trials investigating alternatives to opioids for better
patient outcomes. IORI is a vital orthopedic research institute dedicated to enhancing
knowledge in orthopedics for relevant improvements in patient care. We are advancing
solutions and transforming lives together. Leadership in Research
IORI is at the center of innovation for significant medical care and technologies that are
improving the quality of lives locally and around the world. Orthopedics impact all of us. Together we want to help you enjoy the things that matter most.

Collaborative Research

IORI unites a dynamic group of orthopedic physicians who are working together for
meaningful medical research to improve patient care and your quality of life.

Leading cutting-edge orthopedic innovations from lab to bedside is diligent work by
passionate researchers wanting to answer tough questions. This takes years and it can never go fast enough. By working together, we can
harness solutions to solve tough orthopedic challenges.

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